Mission And Philosophy

Family is everything. Our mission at Preferred Home Care of Florida is to provide seniors with a high quality of home care that they would receive from a family member, to enhance the quality of life and give peace of mind.

We are dedicated to providing reliable, ethical, and compassionate services to clients regardless of race, creed, disability, or national origin. Finding the right fit for your family is our mission.

We are committed to taking the time to understand your individual needs to ensure that you receive immediate care and personal attention to achieve the maximum level of independence, dignity, comfort, security, and happiness. Our staff members and caregivers are trained and selected to meet the various language, religious and cultural needs of our patients.

Helping people is not just a business—it’s a way of life at Preferred Home Care of Florida. We firmly believe you know what is best for you or your loved one and strive to provide a level of home care for all of our patients, that we would want for our own family.

Care never stops at Preferred Home Care of Florida. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and welcome any questions or concerns you may have about our home care services.